Fruitful first agreement for members at North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority

Workers at the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority were certified as IAM Union members in March of this year. Late last week, they ratified their first Collective Agreement. “In addition to the usual wage increases, vacation and call-in pay improvements; the agreement provides some new benefits including a top up for pregnancy leave, time off for citizenship and pay for snow days,” stated IAM Organizer Scott Jackson. The 20 employees of

LL692 members at Leavitt Machinery in British Columbia ratify new Memorandum

The Membership of IAM Local 692 working at Leavitt Machinery in BC recently-ratified a new Memorandum of Agreement by an overwhelming margin. There were numerous gains in benefits, pensions, tool allowance, and wage increases (6% in year 1, 3% in year 2, and 3% in year 3) over the life of the Memorandum. The largest gain was in vacation, where the Bargaining Committee successfully reduced the eligibility of 4 weeks’

Load Controllers in Calgary (WestJet) ratify important first agreement

In the Fall of 2022, WestJet Load Controllers in Calgary reached out to the IAM regarding their stagnant wages and sought to improve their working conditions. From 2012 till the ratification, they had seen wage increases only a few times, most of those coming after they signed with the IAM to represent them. From 2012 to 2024 they were behind almost 20% of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase, which

IAM Canada Announces Ratification of 3-Year CBA with Innotech Aviation Ottawa

23 May, 2024 Ottawa, ON – IAM Canada is pleased to announce the ratification of a new 3-year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with Innotech Aviation at Ottawa International Airport (YOW). The agreement received 100% support from 100% of the membership. IAM members at this location operate the Shell Aerocentre, managed by Innotech Aviation. These members serve as Line Service Representatives (LSRs) and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). The LSRs handle the

IAM Canada's Response to the Third Reading Adoption of the Anti-Scab Bill (C-58)

27 May, 2024 Toronto, ON – The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) Canada applauds the third reading adoption of the anti-scab bill (C-58) for federally-regulated businesses. “This bill is crucial for maintaining balance in the negotiation process between employers and unions. It is well-documented that the use of scabs unnecessarily prolongs negotiations and conflicts, as employers can replace their workers and continue operations. This practice is deeply

Honouring Unsung Heroes of the Skies: Celebrating Aviation Maintenance Technician Day #IAMAW

The 24th of May commemorates Charles Edward Taylor, the first aviation mechanic, who built and maintained the engine for the Wright brothers’ first powered flight in 1903. Taylor’s legacy is a testament to the profound impact maintenance technicians have on aviation safety and innovation. Every year on this day, the aviation industry pauses to honour the crucial role of its behind-the-scenes heroes: the Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs). Aviation Maintenance Technician

New deal for LL2332 members working at Superior Nissan in The Soo

The 20 members of IAM Union Local 2332 working at Superior Nissan in Sault Ste Marie (The Soo), recently voted for a new collective agreement. In addition to annual wage increases, the members saw improvements to the safety boot allowance, vacation, lower co-pay for health insurance and a new vision care plan. Our members service, maintain and detail Nissan vehicles in the Soo. The IAM represents members at Superior Dodge,

The challenges were there, but we got a fair collective agreement - Local Lodge 54 members at Novelis ratify new deal

“As lead speaker at this bargaining session, I would like to thank the WWW Centre for their hands-on Negotiatings Prep training course,” said Ted McGrath, President of Local Lodge 54. “The Committee Members: Mike Richards, Grant Strupp and Chase Wyate gained a great deal of knowledge that they put into practice at the table.” We were able to achieve an impressive 3-year agreement that included wage increases of 8% 3% and

DBR Eric Johnston appointed to Law Committee

IAM International President Brian Bryant, with Executive Council approval, has appointed two new members of the IAM Law Committee – District 78 Directing Business Representative Eric Johnston and Local 701 Assistant Directing Business Representative Ryan Haehnlein. The IAM Law Committee is responsible for collecting, reviewing and proposing constitutional changes submitted to the 41st IAM Grand Lodge Convention, which will take place Sept. 1-6, 2024 in New York. “The IAM Law Committee

15 May, 1919 – The IAM and the Winnipeg General Strike

For six weeks, 15 May to 26 June, 1919, more than 30,000 workers shut down the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Robert Boyd (R. B.) Russell and Peter Herenchuk, Machinist Union activists from Local Lodge 122 were strike leaders. The strike produced the worst repressive measures taken to that time against trade unionists. Arrests and killings eventually ended the strike but moved the labour movement into the field of political action.