IAM Local Lodge Charter Dates

Lodge Lodge / Section localeLocation / LieuCharter Date / Date de la chartreDate Charter signedComments / CommentairesNickname / SurnomCharter Location
11Delta, BC01-Oct-9802-Feb-99ExistsAerospace LodgeDL250
16Richmond, BC01-Oct-98Exists
26Toronto, ON01-Jan-0117-Mar-00Disbanded - 31 March, 2001Queensway LodgeDL78
32Moose Jaw, SK and Cold Lake, AB01-Oct-05Aircraft Servicing, Aircraft Fleet Technical Support, Aircraft Maintenance and Supply /Logistics
54Kingston, ON07-Jul-47Exists
99Edmonton, AB01-May-92ExistsContract LocalDL 14
103Stratford, ON1-Jul-1890ExistsPioneer LodgeCanadian Office X 2
111Montreal, QC1-Aug-1890Disbanded May 31, 1994. Employees of Angus Shops (Canadian Pacific Railway)
115McAdams Jct., NB10-Mar-02
118Montreal, QC01-Jan-3401-Jan-34Names on charter in Frank's notebookMount Royal LodgeIAM Canada Office
122Winnipeg, MBJanuary 1898?R.B. Russell's local (also District 2)
151New Westminister, BC01-Dec-16
171Fort Erie, ON01-Apr-46Merged into LL235 30 June, 2013
182Vancouver, BC1-Oct-1895
189Fort Garry. MB22-Aug-04Fort Garry LodgeDL181
219Victoria, BC01-Mar-6611-Mar-66Merged into LL 456 - 30 June 2009 (Surrey)Automotive LodgeDL 250
235Toronto, ON (W. Toronto)27-Jan-189202-Jun-37ExistsToronto LodgeDL78
268St. Catharines, ON01-Apr-00Merged into LL 235 - 31 July, 2010
294St. Thomas, ONMarch 1899
309Fort William, ON (Thunder Bay)27 October, 1900Merged with Local 122
326Regina, SK11 February, 1914
350Belleville, ONReported in the Machinists Monthly Journal, January 1901. "Organized by Jno. A. Flet, organizer of the 'A. F. of L. and I hos. Palos."
357Calgary, AB30 April, 1900
371Toronto, ON7-Nov-1899
383London, ON1-Jun-1899
386Owen Sound, ON01-Jan-54ExistsScenic CityOriginal charter lost. Local has the one issued in 2016
412Ottawa, ON1-Dec-1899Exists
413North Bay07-Jul-0023-Feb-05Employer Atlas Copco?? Bombardier?North Bay LodgeIAM Canada Office
423Montréal, PQ01-Jan-54Merged into LL1660 on 31 July, 2012
438Toronto, ONLandsdowne Lodge
448Campbellton, NB29-Jan-06
449Pine Falls, MB15-Nov-35
456Victoria, BC27-May-0129-May-01ExistsVictoria LodgeDL 250 Office
482Halifax, NS23-Nov-88Merged with LL 2797 Sept 30, 2003
484Transcona, MB (Winnipeg, MB)21-May-10Was a CN local. Belonged to DL2President was Loukas Biniaris, who still appears to be on the CN Pensioners Ctte https://www.cnpensioners.org/councils/G2.cfm
485Sault Ste. Marie, ON24-Jul-12Merged in to LL 2332 SSM - 31 October, 2007
490Kenora, ON05-Jul-34Merged into LL 1120 Kenora - 31 December, 2007
534Saskatoon, SK18-Feb-11
535Chapleau, ON29-Dec-08
541Sherbrooke, QC01-Jun-51
544Cornerbrook, NF01-Feb-56Exists
574Brandon, MB24-Jun-10
594Moncton, NB19-May-03Disbanded 31 July, 1994. Merged into Local 2418.
604Quebec City, QC05-Nov-06
608Pinawa, MB01-Oct-65ExistsWhiteshell LodgeDL181
631Point St. Charles15-Dec-08
663Nelson, BC31-Oct-03
684Glace Bay, NS01-Aug-40Exists
692Vancouver, BC09-Jun-1922-Jul-19ExistsVancouver LocalDL 250
712Montréal, PQ01-Mar-40Exists
714Winnipeg, MB29-Nov-39Exists
741Winnipeg, MB10-Feb-41ExistsSpirfire LodgeDL181
756London, ON01-Jan-49Merged in to LL 1975 London - 31 August, 2007
764Vancouver, BC03-Jul-41Exists
767Seven Island, QC01-Dec-55
771Fort Frances, ON21-Feb-47Exists
779Belleville, ON02 June, 191711 July, 1917This was a CN railroad localMoiraDL78 Offices
786Kentville, NS05 June, 1917
788Cobourg, ON16-Apr-47
817Edmonton, AB28-Jan-08
825Ottawa, ON30-Nov-12Merged into LL779 (in 1952?)
835St. John, NB13-Nov-41ExistsUnaffiliated
861Squamish, BC25-Aug-55
863Burlington, ON16-Mar-6020-Apr-60Merged with LL2330, Dec 2007Brant LodgeDL78
866Sherbrooke, QC08-Jul-54Disbanded
869Montreal, PQ08-Mar-54Exists
872Peterborough, ON20-Oct-53
876Vancouver, BC01-Sept-51
877Fort Erie, ON15-Oct-51
887Calgary, AB01-Nov-51
890Amherstburg, ON01-Jul-55Disbanded
901Toronto, ON19-Dec-5116-Jan-52ExistsScarborough LodgeDL78
905Ajax, ON28-Apr-59Exists
909Roxton-Pond, QC11-Mar-54
922Sherbrooke, PQ26-Feb-52Exists
927Gander, NF01-May-52Exists
935Dartmouth, NS01-Aug-52
939Fort Erie, ON26-Feb-53Merged with LL 171, 28 Feb, 2005
950St. John's, NL1 January, 1953
962Montreal, QC1 December, 1961
987Montreal, PQ19 January, 1953Disbanded 31 July, 1997
989Fort Erie, ON22-Jan-53Merged with LL 171, Nov 30, 2001
991Eastern Passage, NS01-Apr-53Disbanded
1001Dundas, ON01-Mar-47
1006Montreal, QC06-Feb-51
1013Moose Jaw, SK17-Mar-45
1022Toronto, ON13-Feb-59Merged with LL 1922, Apr 30, 2001
1031Niagara Falls, ON27-Jan-47
1057Saskatoon, SK15-Jul-41
1105Brantford, ON01-Jan-46
1120Thunder Bay, ON (Fort William & Port Arthur, ON)01-Jan-46Exists
1148L'Assomption, PQ29-Jun-68Exists
116419-Jun-64ExistsLakeshore Lodge)DL78
1184Toronto, ON01 December, 194503-Dec-45Pen and Pencil Workers LodgeDL78
1206Midland, ON18 October, 1918
1223Cornwall, ON17 July, 1953Merged into LL412
1226New Hamburg, ON1 October, 1954
1231Ontario, Canada23 March, 201821 August, 2018Workers at from Spectrum Healthcare. PSWs, RPNs and RNsNo NicknameDL78 Offices
1236Kitchener & Waterloo, ON19-Mar-46
1237St. John's, NL27-Nov-35
1246Galt, ON02-Mar-59
1250Halifax, NS19-Feb-40
1252Toronto, ON26-Feb-19
1260Hamilton, ON07-Mar-19
1263Fort Erie, ON05-Mar-19
1295Toronto, ON19-Oct-6406-Nov-64ExistsLong Branch LodgeDL78
1371Iroquois Falls, ON26-Aug-19
1399Montreal, PQ01-Jul-625 November, 1962Canadian Air LinesAmanda Pask
1409Halifax, NS18-Jul-45
1500Vancouver, BC10-Mar-59
1505Bathurst, NB01-Jun-39Merged with LL 2418, 30 Sept, 2006
1522Deep River, ON02-Apr-51Exists
1530Sherbrooke, QCMerged with LL 1660, 30 Nov, 1997
1542Arnprior, ON10-Jun-64Exists
1547Simcoe, ON01-Jul-54Merged into LL2330 on 30 September, 2011
1550Stratford, ON01-Mar-63Merged into Local 103 - 30 June, 2010
1567Corner Brook, NL03-Aug-39Exists
1579Edmonton, AB07-Jul-42Merged into LL 1722 30 June, 2009Northgate LodgeDL14
1597Glencoe, ON7 April, 1955Merged into LL1703
1620Windsor, ON1 May, 1945
1625Toronto, ON27 November, 1946
1627Moncton, NBMerged with LL2418, 30 April, 1998
1660Lachine, PQ28-Jan-43Exists
1667Sydney, NS09-Jul-58
1673Brantford, ON22-Oct-46Merged into LL2330 on 30 September, 2011
1674Toronto, ON01-Mar-53Merged into LL2113
1681Edmonton, AB21-Mar-59ExistsNorthern Crossroads LocalDL140 offices, Calgary
1701Toronto, ON10-May-43
1703St. Thomas, ON01-Jan-6414-Feb-64Merged into LL 1975 - 31 January, 2010Pinafore LodgeDL78
1710Fort William, ON (Thunder Bay)20-May-43
1716Lunenberg, NS02-Jun-43
1722Edmonton, AB27-Feb-45ExistsEdmonton AutomotiveDL14
1723Dartmouth, NS16-Sept-46Merged with LL 2797, 30 Sept, 2003
1737Montreal, QC01-Dec-48
1740Dundas, ON04-Oct-43
1751Dorval, PQ08-Mar-46Exists
1755Toronto, ON01-Oct-43Merged with LL 235 Dec. 31/94
1758Montreal, PQ11-Oct-43Exists
1763Halifax, NS03-Dec-62Exists
1772Hamilton, ON01-Feb-45
1788Batawa, ON01-Feb-44Merged into LL 905 on 31 May, 2010
1804St. Thomas, ON09-Mar-44Merged with LL 1703, 30 Nov, 2001 (24 April, 1944)Elgin LodgeDL78
1805Cobourg, ON7 March, 1948Merged with LL1788, 31 March, 2000
1823Saint Catharines, ONMerged with LL 2243, 30 June, 2003 (13 April, 1965)Georgetown LodgeDL78
1848Flin Flon, MB26-Jul-44Exists
1857Vancouver, BC12-Sept-44ExistsAutomotive Lodge 1857
1861St. Thomas, ON14 March, 1949(Chartered 16 March, 1949)Golden Acres LodgeDL78
1863Goderich, ON01-Nov-44Merged into LL 1975 - 31 July, 2010
1865Trois Rivieres, QC01-Feb-58
1896Rock Island, QC01-Feb-45
1906Grand Falls, NL01-May-48
1909Niagara Falls, ON10-Oct-47
1919Winnipeg, MB01-Mar-2227-Apr-22Staff of the MGEULocal 1919DL78
1922Malton, ON22-Oct-4716-Mar-47ExistsTechnical Associates LodgeDL78
1927Stratford, ON06-Nov-47Merged with LL1550, 30 October, 2007
1929St. Thomas, ON01-Oct-49
1934Georgetown, PEI01-Apr-65Exists.Unaffiliated
1936Brantford, ON01-Dec-58Merged with LL 171, 28 Feb, 2005
1937Charlottetown, PE03-Apr-62
1942Edmunston, NB01-Jan-56
1953Winnipeg, MB20-Jun-50ExistsRed River LodgeDL181
1974Bathurst, NB10-Oct-50
1975St. Thomas, ON01-Oct-50ExistsTalbot LodgeDL78 (GKN Sinter Metals)
1981Montreal, QC01-Nov-50
1997Dundas, ON10-Jul-51
2029London, ON01-Jan-58
2075Dunnville, ON14-Jul-61Disbanded
2097Malton, ON29-May-56Merged into LL2413 on 20 November, 1972
2113Toronto, ON04-Jan-58ExistsDon Mills Lodge
2132Toronto, ON18-Sept-56
2133Montreal, PQ25-Sept-57Merged with LL1660, 31 Aug, 2006
2183St. Thomas, ON13 December, 1956(Chartered 4 February, 1957)Canadian Heavy Equipment LodgeDL78
2220Cap de la Madeleine, QC27-Feb-61Cap de la Madeleine Lodge
2223Winnipeg, MB11-Feb-59Disbanded 31 January, 2002
2235Montréal, PQ05-Feb-62Exists
2243Brampton, ON01-Mar-6205-Mar-60Merged into LL 1922 Innisfil - 31 October, 2007Peel and District LodgeDL78
2245(Chartered 23 June, 1966)Edgeware LodgeDL78
2247Winnipeg, MB01-Apr-87ExistsNorth Wood LodgeDL181
2253St. John, NB30-Sept-67Merged with LL 684, 30 Sept, 2003
2288(Chartered 10 May, 1967)West End LodgeDL78
2291Cobourg, ONMerged with LL1788, 31 March, 2000
2300Montreal, QCMerged with LL2309, 30 October, 1998
2301Dorval, PQ19-Jul-67Exists
2309Dorval, PQ02-Oct-67Exists
2323Malton, ON01-Jan-68Exists
2324Richmond, BC01-Jan-68Merged with LL 764, 31 Jan, 2002
2330Galt, ON01-Aug-68Merged with LL 103 on 30 June, 2013
2332Sault Ste Marie, ON02-Feb-68Exists
2374Strathroy, ON01-Mar-69Merged into LL2330 on 30 September, 2011
2382Bathurst, NB01-Jul-70Merged with LL2418 - 30 September, 2003
2397Winnipeg???Astro LodgeDL181
2412North Bay, ON10-Mar-70Exists
2413Mississauga, ON01-Feb-70Exists
2418Newcastle, NB01-Feb-71ExistsUnaffiliated
2446(Chartered 20 April, 1971)Brunswick LodgeDL78
2468Lachine, PQ31-Jul-72Exists
2469(Chartered 15 December, 1971)Clerical LodgeDL78
2511(Chartered 27 February, 1973)Milton LodgeDL78
2524Pickering, ON25-Jun-73Disbanded, retirees merged with LL901 - 31 May, 2001
2546Scarborough, ON31-May-74Merged with LL901 - 1 February, 2006 (12 August, 1974)Wexford LodgeDL78
2583Calgary, AB01-Jan-76ExistsFoothills LodgeLL2734 Offices
2589Winnipeg, MB17-Nov-76DisbandedMEJ Medical Emergency Technician LodgeDl181
2603Winnipeg, MB01-Mar-77ExistsDisplay case on main floor of AC building in Winnipeg.
2707Cambridge, ON01-Apr-87Exists
2710Kelowna, BC01-Sept-83Merged into LL 692 - 30 June, 2009
2711Penticton, BC01-Mar-8225-Jun-91ExistsNo nickname on charterDL 250 Office
2727Montréal, PQ01-Jun-83Exists
2734Calgary, AB01-Aug-83Exists2734 Offices
2738Montréal, PQ01-Nov-83Disbanded
2749Vancouver, BC01-Aug-85Merged with LL764 - 30 September, 2006
2753L'Assomption, PQ01-Apr-86Merged with LL1148 - 31 December, 2001
2754Toronto, ON01-Aug-87Merged with LL2323 - 31 January, 2002
2762Montreal, QC01-Dec-8611-Dec-86No nicknameIAM Canada Office
2792Tillsonburg, ON01-May-91Merged into LL 1975 - 31 July, 2010DDM Plastics LodgeDL78
2797Enfield, NS01-Aug-91Exists
2818 PMHamilton, ON01-Oct-91
2826 PMMontreal, QC01-Oct-91
2847 PMVancouver, BC01-Oct-91
2851 PMWindsor, ON01-Oct-91
2913Mississauga, ON01-Jul-96Merged into LL2413 on 31 October, 2014
2921Toronto, ON20-Jun-12Screeners at Pearson and Billy Bishop airportsToronto Screeners Local
2922North Bay30-Jun-12
3011Ottawa, ON1 February, 2023None chosen/given
717 AToronto, ON10-Nov-39
717 TToronto, ON29-May-53Exists (Both charter show date of 5 June, 1953)Aeronautical Lodge 717 Turbo (Aircraft)2 Charters at DL78
DL184St Thomas, ONMerged into DL78 on 30 June, 2010
DL2Montreal, QC
DL7814 January, 1953DL78
PM2818Hamilton, ON01-Oct-91Disbanded 31 December, 2003. Retirees merged with LL863
PM2847Vancouver, BC01-Oct-91Disbanded 31 December 2003. Retirees merged with LL692