September 19, 2022

First three-year contract for the members of Howmet Canada

On September 10th, the bargaining committee presented the collective agreement offer to the employees of Howmet Canada, members of Local 712. The workers subsequently voted 81% in favour of the 3-year proposal. Notable improvements were: Introduction of a pay scale Important salary adjustments for a large majority of workers Retro-active pay for all hours worked since January 1st 2022, with new salary Improvements to vacations and addition of 6th week

Manitoba Site Visits a great success says GVP Chartrand

The intense sense of pride that comes over us when we visit worksites where our members make the greatest products and give the best service in North America! We met with members of all Manitoba local lodges last week and get to have some meaningful discussions with them. I am always astounded by the hard work of our leadership despite the challenging circumstances they face – we can add COVID-19