December 13, 2022

When everything happens at the same time, IAM members still deliver!

It’s been a historically busy year for negotiations with IAMAW Automotive Trades Local 544 in Newfoundland, as 7 out their 10 contracts all expired at around the same time. Matt Barnable, Grand Lodge Representative, tasked with negotiating this many contacts, said, “The automotive sector has seen unprecedented times over the last couple years. Employers have cited major inventory and parts issues since COVID-19, so we knew negotiations coming up would

Training IAM members - Quebec Officer’s Training

More than 22 members participated this past week in the “Roles and Responsibilities of Local Officers” training. “Participants from locals 869, 1751, 1758, 1660 and 712 are part of their respective executive or hold a position and it is important that all members understand their duties but also their responsibilities as administrators of their locals,” said Michel Richer, Quebec Co-ordinator, who gave the training, along with Grand Lodge Auditor Robert