Canada invokes Chapter 19 to reverse US penalties on C-Series and softwood lumber

Canada invokes Chapter 19 to reverse US penalties on C-Series and softwood lumber

The Machinists’ Union applauds the decision

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Sunday January 21, 2018

Montréal, QC – The Machinists Union (IAM) is pleased to see Canada using Chapter 19 to try to break the protectionist measures of the US government.

“We have been calling for this initiative publicly since October 13, 2017,” said IAM Quebec Coordinator David Chartrand. “So it is a great relief to see the Canadian government use this additional measure to defend the local economy and the jobs of thousands of citizens.” But Chartrand added, “that being said, we believe that the renegotiation of NAFTA would be the time to improve this essential measure in defending the economic independence of governments and countering the unfair methods of some companies.”

“These conflicts put tremendous stress on workers. It’s too long before we think about using chapter 19. We should find a way to do things better. A measure like this should even systematically require arbitration for any commercial complaint filed within NAFTA. We need to find a way to resolve our conflicts quickly in a fair and safe manner, “concluded Mr. Chartrand. The IAM will present a series of demands for the negotiators in Montréal for the 6th round of NAFTA negotiations.

The IAM, represents approximately 650,000 members across North America. With 150,000 members in the airline and aerospace industry, including 18,000 in Canada, the IAM is the largest union in the aerospace industry in the world.




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