CLC – Labour Day Materials

CLC - Labour Day Materials

To: Members of the CLC Canadian Council, Federations of Labour, Labour Councils and CLC Staff

Friends and Allies:

I am pleased to unveil the branding for the CLC’s Labour Day campaign, Workers Are The Recovery, and to share the first phase of materials for use by affiliated unions, labour councils, and provincial and territorial federations of labour. We invite you to use these materials and customize them as you see fit, so we have a strong and united message on Labour Day.

We continue to anticipate that Labour Day this year will fall in the midst of a federal election campaign. We will be inviting Canadians from coast to coast to coast to take part in online actions and engagement to influence candidates, as well as encouraging people to vote.

PHASE 1 materials
Below you will find links to the following downloadable files:

•           Message guide
•           Sample media advisory
•           Sample media release
•           Sample oped
•           Social media assets

PHASE 2 materials
On Monday, August 16, we will be sending further assets, including:
•           Draft social content
•           Further social media assets

PHASE 3 materials
On Monday, August 30, we will send you a shareable video message from the CLC for broad distribution and we will be counting on each affiliate, labour council and federation to help amplify our reach by sharing it with your lists, on your websites, and across your social media channels.

I’m looking forward to working with all of you this Labour Day as we raise our voices to champion the best policies for workers. There is no moving forward without decent jobs, a more equitable economy and strong public health care.

Please contact our Communications team with any questions at

In solidarity,

Bea Bruske,

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