Employer calls on IAM to represent workers in new classification

Employer calls on IAM to represent workers in new classification

June 09, 2022

Moncton, NB – The IAM was called upon to represent a new classification within Air Canada – workers at a call centre. The company signalled the IAM that they were interested in opening a call centre in Atlantic Canada.

“This is new work,” says Ed Hepburn, General Chairperson with IAM District 140, “as have never had a call centre in Atlantic Canada. I was able to negotiate wages above regular rates and locked in a deal for an initial two-year term. We signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) last week.

The 17 new members and the call centre are located in Moncton, New Brunswick and will join IAM Local Lodge 1763 and will fall within their contract, but under a new classification in the Atlantic region. This agreement is for two years and both parties will meet 60 days before its expiry to either extend or renegotiate the terms of the agreement.

Starting off with 17 workers, the company intends to grow the business. We address wages, term of agreement, location of facility, number of employees with room to grow. Members will be comprised of CSA’s cargo, both full-time and part-time with an additional Lead CSA.

We were able to negotiate a substantial wage increase for all employees who will be working at the Call Centre, flexibility on the language requirements for the first 2 years and all other benefits and rights of the current IAMAW CBA.

“I want to thank General Chairs Guillaume Lingat, Steve Prinz and PDGC Dave Flowers for all the assistance and guidance in getting this agreement in place. I would also like to thank the company for coming with an open mind to the items we brought forward and changes that were made to get the deal done,” said Hepburn.

The New Brunswick Air Canada cargo call centre is the only cargo call centre in Atlantic Canada. Others are located in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The company created this facility to assist the other three call centres with the ever-growing cargo business.


For more information:
Ed Hepburn, General Chairperson
IAM District Lodge 140