IAM Canada’s Response to the Third Reading Adoption of the Anti-Scab Bill (C-58)

IAM Canada's Response to the Third Reading Adoption of the Anti-Scab Bill (C-58)

27 May, 2024

Toronto, ON – The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) Canada applauds the third reading adoption of the anti-scab bill (C-58) for federally-regulated businesses.

“This bill is crucial for maintaining balance in the negotiation process between employers and unions. It is well-documented that the use of scabs unnecessarily prolongs negotiations and conflicts, as employers can replace their workers and continue operations. This practice is deeply unjust,” stated IAM Canadian General Vice-President David Chartrand.

Thanks to the work of the NDP, a series of changes recommended by the CLC and affiliate unions were adopted. The time for the law to take effect was reduced from 18 months to 12 months, and the time frame for the Canada Industrial Relations Board to resolve disputes over Maintenance of Activities agreements was shortened to 82 days. The ban on scab labour in Bill C-58 now includes employees who aren’t part of the affected bargaining unit and work at another location, as well as volunteers, students, and the public. The rights of striking and locked-out workers to get their jobs back were also clarified and strengthened. IAM Canada remains concerned that a future conservative government could extend this delay.

IAM Canada appreciates the Liberal government and the NDP’s ability to set aside their differences and collaborate on developing a significant law for workers, which is essential for protecting the fundamental right to collective bargaining. However, we cannot understand why federal government employees are excluded from the future law’s anti-scab provisions.

“For IAM Canada, this has been a demand for more than four decades. The current bill is not perfect, but we are very close to achieving our goal. I also want to recognise the hard work and the lobbying efforts our members and Representatives to deliver these results. It is thanks to all of them that this important milestone was reached.” GVP Chartrand concluded.

The IAM represents more than 40,000 Canadian workers in air transport and a wide range of manufacturing including aircraft, auto parts, buses, aerospace, electronics, light and heavy machinery, tools and appliances. We are the largest airport security screeners union in Canada. The IAM also represents a growing number of workers in the health care and hospitality sectors as well as office, technical and other white-collar workers.

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