IAM District 140 celebrates 25th Anniversary

IAM District 140 celebrates 25th Anniversary

Montreal, QC – Twenty-five years ago, IAM District 148 and IAM District 721 amalgamated with the goal of making the IAM in Canada a united force in the aviation industry.

Dave Flowers, President of Directing General Chairperson of DL140 opened the District Convention this week DL 140 is participating in its annual district convention in Montreal. Québec. “Twenty-five years ago, we joined forces to face the challenges of the time. Twenty-five years later, we’ve done that,” said Flowers. “We now have newer challenges, but working together always makes that easier.”

Dave Chartrand, IAM Canadian General Vice-President also spoke about more collaboration between local lodges, General Chairpersons and all levels working together and supporting one another in their respective roles. “I want to underline that the District has made great strides in activating locals and individual members, and I want to thank everyone on the Executive for doing that.” GVP Chartrand spoke about building the district as well as the need to evolve, adapt and work together.

Brian Bryant, Headquarters General Vice-President, praised District 140 in tackling issues it is facing as well as the successes they have had in “building a more perfect union”.

Vinny Addeo, Director of Organising at the Grand Lodge, spoke about the many organizing successes DL140 has had, but also acknowledged that raids have shifted our attention to internal organizing.

Matt Pyne, Educational Representative at the W3 Centre in Maryland listed the many trainings DL140 members had undergone and how that speaks to the IAM’s commitment to education and training.