Industry-leading agreement ratified with Air Transat

Industry-leading agreement ratified with Air Transat

07 November, 2022

Montreal, QC – Members of IAM in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Quebec City, Calgary and Vancouver have ratified a new multi-year agreement with Air Transat. The members voted overwhelmingly to accept the new tentative agreement negotiated by a national team of IAM staff and members.

“We were able to negotiate a great deal,” said Peter Tsoukalas, General Chairperson for IAM Transportation District 140. “Although it was a long process, it was an agreement the members simply couldn’t turn down. We’re very proud of this deal.”

“The agreement is the first of its kind with substantial wage increases and cost-of-living increases. Many of the increases and enhancements are over and above those prescribed in the labour code,” said Lou Pagrach, Grand Lodge Representative.

“It’s important to remember that this isn’t over a period of time – it’s immediate, it’s effective today,” said Tsoukalas. “And no concessions were given!”

The Negotiating Committee, consisting of Jean Francois Routhier (YUL), Herb Reiner (YYZ), Mathieu Miller (YVR), Steven St-Arnaud (YUL), Sébastien Auger (YUL), Rui Aguiar (YUL), Peter Tsoukalas, General Chair and Lou Pagrach, Grand Lodge Representative.

It’s worthwhile to remember that no other union has been able to negotiate this at Air Transat or in the Canadian airline industry. Some of the many highlights include

  • A 5-year cost-of-living increase with major wage increases
  • Wage increases from 4% to 23% at the date of signing
  • Consumer Price Index protection for the length of the contract
  • 30% increases in shift premiums
  • Over 50% increase in endorsement premium
  • Lead premium will increase by 20%
  • “D” Licence-holders (tow premium) will receive 0.50 cents an hour
  • With the addition of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, members now have 11 paid statutory holidays.
  • Top-rate AMEs will now receive more than $50 per hour
  • Up to extra 2 days of vacation depending on length of service
  • Shift premium, Lead Hand premiums, Stores Certification Premiums, Structures Certification Premiums, Missed Rest Compensation Premiums, and Per Diem rates were all improved

“The IAM has negotiated an agreement while being mindful of our members’ work-life balance and wellness and this agreement clearly embodies that,” said Tsoukalas.

Air Transat is a Canadian leisure airline based in Montréal operating scheduled and charter flights serving 63 destinations in 30 countries. The IAM is the largest union in Canada representing maintenance and airline service providers.


For more information:
Peter Tsoukalas, IAM District 140 General Chair – (514) 577-6140
Lou Pagrach, IAM Canada Grand Lodge Representative – (416) 659-7165
Frank Saptel, IAM Communications – (416) 579-0481