Manitoba NDP wins majority government – and a place in history

Manitoba NDP wins majority government – and a place in history

In a resounding victory on Tuesday night, the NDP clinched a decisive win, electing Wab Kinew as Manitoba’s first First Nations Premier. The triumph also garnered the party a sufficient number of seats to establish a majority government.

Kinew’s win makes Manitoba the first Canadian province to elect a First Nations premier. The NDP ran on a platform to fix the healthcare system and make life more affordable for Manitobans.

IAM member Bernie Wood, who helped throughout the campaign, said, “I’m glad IAM members, and other union members, participated in this election. Workers should engage in elections because our voices and concerns are integral to shaping the policies that will impact our lives. The NDP majority assures us a voice in the new government and better lives for all workers.”

DBR Glenn Tomchak and retired member Eddie Ste Marie on Election Day in Manitoba.

Although official results have not been announced by Elections Manitoba, the NDP were declared elected in 29 seats, and leading in another five, while the Conservatives won 20 seats and led in another two. The Liberals won one seat. Leaders of the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives resigned their positions before the evening was over.