New agreement at RAD Technologies

New agreement at RAD Technologies

Thetford Mines, QC – 81% of the 200 members of the Rad Technology unit (IAMAW Local 922) accepted their new employment contract.

For the first year of the 5-year employment contract, the salary increases will be from 2.75% to 3%. The overall average of the increases will be 3.15% per year for the duration of the contract. This progression will allow for wage parity with other factory workers in the Thetford Mines region.

In addition to salaries, gains were made in terms of job transfer clauses and vacations, in particular by improving the vacation plan for workers with more than 15 years of seniority.

Progressive Retirement
Improving the phased retirement system was seen as one of the major challenges for workers. The increase in the number of workers eligible for the 4-day week and the introduction of a progressive retirement system for the 3-day week is therefore a major gain.

In terms of union life, note the improvement in union leave hours for Shop Committee and the Negotiating Committee paid the employer and the establishment of monthly meetings devoted to labour relations.

Finally, we would like to underline the remarkable work of the Negotiating Committee made up of Grant Maxwell, Patrick Guernon (Patou) and Roger Tétreault. Thanks to their involvement in these negotiations, they were able to ensure the solidarity of Rad Technology workers throughout the negotiation, despite the context of the pandemic.

“The negotiating committee was able to face several difficult situations during these negotiations and they came out always stronger and more determined to seek the best for their sisters and brothers,” said Luc Frigon, Business Representative at District 11. “Their remarkable work has translated into gains for workers.”

Other improvements made during these negotiations include:

  • Increase of 2.25% per year for vacation pay, i.e. 9% for the 4th week of vacation between the 15th and 20th year.
  • Introduction of a holiday season leave.
  • Withdrawal of the Letter of Understanding for the abolition of the position of assembler-mechanic
  • Obtaining the maximum salary level 2 years earlier.
  • Extension of the deadline for filing a grievance.
  • Increase in evening and night premiums.
  • Increased allowance for shoes, boots and safety glasses.

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