Shameful passing of Columbia-Canada Free-Trade deal

HAUT The Liberals this week closed ranks with the Conservatives in passing legislation that brought two years of vigorous public debate to an end—and finalized a free trade deal alongside a new human rights agreement with Colombia that civil society leaders say lowers the bar on human rights.“This new human rights agreement is empty. It does nothing to repair Canada’s sullied human rights reputation in the world,” said Gerry Barr,

Sign the Declaration of the Voices-Voix Coalition

HAUT Since 2006 the Government of Canada has systematically undermined democratic institutions and practices, and has eroded the protection of free speech, and other fundamental human rights. It has deliberately set out to silence the voices of organizations or individuals who raise concerns about government policies or disagree with government positions. SIGN HERE

Machinists Sign New Deal with Rolls Royce

Montréal, QC – Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 869 have ratified a new collective agreement with Rolls Royce Canada by a margin of 59.6 per cent. The three-year agreement provides wage increases 2.5 per cent in each of the first two years and 3 per cent in the third year. Other agreement highlights include : • Reduced time for new probationary employees • Employers contribution to drug insurance for retirees age

Strike Averted at Avcorp – Machinists Ink New Deal!

Vancouver, BC – There will not be a strike at Avcorp Industries. Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 11 have ratified a new three-year agreement by a margin of 69 per cent. “There were 22 days of full intensive meetings to reach this agreement,” said IAMAW District 250 Directing Business Representative Stan Pickthall. “This round of bargaining with this employer was the toughest in my experience and our bargaining committee of

Machinists Ratify First Agreement with TGAS

Toronto, On – Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2323 have ratified their first collective agreement with Toronto Ground Airport Services. “As first agreements go, we consider this one to be very acceptable,” said IAMAW District 140 Organizer Ian Morland. The two-year agreement provides wage increases of 3 per cent in each year. Other agreement highlights include a paid lunch and improved benefits. The 175 members were organized last November. They

Deceptive domain name renewal notices

Hello all, IAM members who have registered domains are being sent this warning. It looks like more and more of people are falling for Domain Registry of Canada scam. Please be aware of DECEPTIVE DOMAIN NAME RENEWAL INVOICES. These can arrive by postal mail, fax, or email and look like an official invoice. Some appear like official government notices like your tax notices appear. These invoices indicate that your domain

Abousfian Abdelrazik – Denied the Right to Work!

By Mary Foster – Project Fly Home Abousfian Abdelrazik, a native of Sudan and a trade unionist and machinist by trade, fled his native country to Canada to avoid a military coup and start a new life. All went well with living in Canada until he decided to return to Sudan to visit his mother in 2003. His visit was to last six years in which he was jailed without

The Bombardier Super-Scooper - The Great Canadian Success Story!

North Bay, On – The Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft is unique to say the least. It is the benchmark by which other firefighting aircraft are judged. No other aircraft can stay on station fighting a forest fire longer than the ‘415’ – four hours on station to be exact. Cruising across the surface of a lake, river or large pond (sites as small as 2 metres deep and 90 meters

Aeroguard Bargaining Committee

Front row left to right: Ron Fontaine-GLR, Derek Rose, Rene Chand, Clement Nunes Middle Row: Tanya Canniff –District 140 GC Western Region, Chris Thompson, Bong Regualos Back Row Bob Mosley, Philip Kim, Marc Wong, Rick Singh The newly elected IAM Negotiating Committee representing employees of Aeroguard at the Vancouver International Airport held their negotiation preparation training classes during the week of May 22-28 at the W 3 Training Center.  GLR

Killings at Sea an Outrage

  31 mai 2010 – The ITUC condemns the killing of as many as 19 persons in a boat convoy headed for Gaza today, and the wounding of many more, as an outrage. A full, open and independent enquiry is needed to establish the precise details of what took place when Israeli soldiers boarded vessels in the convoy, which was organised to bring supplies to Gaza. Those responsible for violations