Solidarity Across Borders

Solidarity Across Borders

Thanks to IAM solidarity a retired IAM representative from Connecticut, USA and his grandson got a chance to learn about Canada’s Parliament and the New Democratic Party.  Brother John Harrity, who served on the IAM staff for 38 years had asked for assistance, so that his grandson, 13-year-old Boston Thomas, could find out more about the Canadian system of government.  Boston is beginning to consider college and looking at Canada as a possible location to get a university education.

IAM Special Representative Derek Ferguson made arrangements for them to meet with Rose Blackwood, staff representative for MP Alistair MacGregor of the Cowichan-Malahat-Langford riding on Vancouver Island.  Ms. Blackwood was able to explain the positions of Canada’s New Democratic Party, which enjoys the support of the Canadian labour movement, including the Machinist Union.

Brother Harrity has devoted his retirement time to addressing the danger of climate change, serving as chair of the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate & Jobs, and as a member of the board of the Labor Network for Sustainability.  He and his grandson share a deep concern about climate change and were happy to hear that MP MacGregor and the NDP also share that concern.  As Ms. Blackwood explained, the NDP’s climate change agenda is focused first and foremost on the needed transition to preserve jobs and communities as society goes through the changes necessary to eliminate carbon emissions.

After a lively discussion, Rose arranged for a tour of the Parliament, an impressive institution inside and out.  All together it was a wonderful experience for both Brother Harrity and his grandson, Boston, and showcased the great advances Canada has been able to make following a progressive political path.  All made possible by IAM Solidarity.

Brother John Harrity is a retired member from IAM Local 1746 in Hartford. Connecticut.