Transforming lives through partnerships with service dogs

Transforming lives through partnerships with service dogs

We hope you and your family are all well. As you know, due to the coronavirus, we had to cancel the 40th Annual William W. Winpisinger Las Vegas Charity Banquet. The banquet serves as a celebration for the year-long fundraising efforts achieved by devoted companies and individuals across the United States and Canada. In addition to being a celebration, it also serves as a significant fundraiser for Guide Dogs of America.

While we’ll certainly miss seeing everyone this November, there are some positive/funny ways to make light of the situation. We have put together a virtual fundraiser where loyal supporters can donate their ticket and other expenditures they typically incur during our banquet weekend, i.e., golf club rentals/checked bag fees. Just think about all of the money you will save by not going to Vegas for the umpteenth year in a row! Instead of spending your money in the casinos of Las Vegas, you can support Guide Dogs of America and Tender Loving Canines. Click here to donate now.

As some of our most dedicated stewards, we would love for you to spread the word among your circles.

For our IAM General Vice Presidents. Please forward this email to the districts and local lodges in your territory. We would like the people who were unable to have their GDA fundraisers to approach their attendee lists and sponsors to support this event.

If you have questions, you can contact Yvette Sheehan at
or Zack Gittlen at