2023 IAM Scholarship Fund winners

2023 IAM Scholarship Fund winners

Congratulations to the Canadian winners of the annual IAM Scholarship. Both Amishi Arora and Sophia Barker-Voisine will receive $1,000 for each academic year.

Parents Sham Arora of LL 1857 and Dean Voisine of LL764 are extremely proud and happy the IAM is helping their children pursue higher education.

Arora, a student at the University of British Columbia in Computer Sciences and Barker-Voisine at Simon Fraser studying Global Humanities, will receive cash prizes towards their chosen fields.

The IAM Scholarship Fund, which is used exclusively to make these awards possible, was established by the delegates of the 1960 IAM Grand Lodge Convention. The competition is open to members of the IAM and their children throughout the United States and Canada and help towards a Bachelor’s degree or a two-year vocational/technical certification and are determined in a competition judged by a special Selection Committee.

Awards to IAM members are $2,000 per academic year. They are granted for a specific period from one to four years to enable the member to earn a Bachelor’s degree or a two-year vocational/technical certification.

Awards to Children of Members are $1,000 per academic year. All awards are renewed each year until a Bachelor’s degree is obtained up to a maximum of four years. Vocational/Technical School – $2,000 per year until certification is reached up to a maximum of two years.

Dale Gentile, Business Representative, District 250 presents Amishi Arora with the award.

The full list of 2023 winners is HERE