June 19, 2024

One more step for Anti-Scab law

We lobbied hard on this…… Anti-Scab legislation Bill C-58, An Act to amend the Canada Labour Code and the Canada Industrial Relations Board Regulations, has been adopted at Third Reading in the Senate. This legislation will prohibit the use of replacement workers and improve the maintenance of activities in federally regulated workplaces in Canada. It has been a long time coming. The next step is receiving royal assent from the Senate. Thanks

Canada’s unions: workers have waited long enough to pass Bill C-64, An Act Respecting Pharmacare

Bruske: The Senate must pass the bill without amendments or further delays. OTTAWA- Pharmacare is about ensuring that families across Canada have access to better health care by covering prescription medications. It fills a critical gap in our healthcare system but, the Senate’s delay in passing Bill C-64 is jeopardizing this critical legislation. “Millions of Canadians have waited long enough to benefit from free diabetes medication and birth control,” said