Political Action

IAM Canada Applauds Anti-Scab Legislation!

Today’s introduction of legislation banning scab workers during strikes marks a monumental first step for Canadian workers and protection of the right to strike in Canada. The IAMAW applauds the introduction of this bill and will work diligently to ensure it becomes federal legislation. This bill is the culmination of multiple efforts and decades of advocacy, which would not have been possible without the supply-and-confidence agreement between the NDP and

This is Living Wage Week – but minimum wages lag behind

The 6th of November marked the start of living wage week with the release of a report on living wages for 2023. The living wage movement sheds light on the extent to which workers are falling behind, and the ineffectiveness of minimum wage hikes, which do little to address the affordability crisis in the country. The report uncovers that the living wage rate for the Greater Toronto Area is $25.05,

IAMAW Delivers Long-Awaited News: Air Canada Recalls Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in Winnipeg

In an exciting turn of events, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) has received positive news from Air Canada, Canada’s leading airline, on Friday, May 26th, 2023. Air Canada has informed IAM Canada that 19 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) will be recalled in Winnipeg, marking a significant shift in the company’s decision to bring work back to this location starting from June 19th, 2023. This announcement comes

28 April - Day of Mourning

April 28 is a Day of Mourning for thousands of Canadian workers killed or injured on the job each year, or who die from work-related diseases. On this day, we mourn, but it is also a time to insist that all levels of government do more to enforce existing health and safety laws and vigorously prosecute violations when a worker is killed or seriously injured. The labour movement worked for

Effective Advocacy: the IAM 2023 Political Action Symposium

80 Canadians gathered at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center (W3 Center) from all parts of Canada to learn and practice how to advocate on behalf on their members and the sectors they work in. The three-day session opened with Winpisinger Centre Director Mary McHugh welcoming participants and W3 Centre Education Representative Matt Pyne going over some of the protocols. Pyne was also the resource person for the

Canadian Airport shamefully enabling contract-flipping

Montreal, QC – Earlier this month, Aéroports de Montreal announced that Menzies Aviation, Samsic Assistance and Trans-Sol Aviation Services are the successful companies that will be granted ground handling licenses to operate at Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport (YUL) resulting in a loss of hundreds of International Association of Machinists (IAM) jobs. Contract-flipping, which is what is happening at the Montreal Airport, is the practice of awarding service contracts for work,

More than 600 people will lose their jobs at Montreal-Trudeau Airport. IAM demands change from Ottawa!

Montreal, February 21, 2023 – Montreal Airport (ADM) has decided to revoke the licenses of airport services subcontractors Swissport and ATS, resulting in the loss of approximately 600 jobs by June. The IAMAW denounces the use of contract flipping in this case. “We have 175 members who will lose their jobs because of an unfair practice,” said IAMAW District 140 General Chairperson Peter Tsoukalas. “With a snap of the fingers

Lobbying for Change in Ottawa 2023

More than 400 trade unionists gathered in Ottawa to lobby our elected representatives and senators for change to laws in Canada. The lobby was organised by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and had some very specific topics. All topics had recommendations which were presented to the parliamentarians. The IAM, once again, made up the largest contingent of those participating in the lobby this year. We had 74 activists, first-time lobbyists

Losing Our Democracy: Why CUPE’S Battle Is Our Battle

The cornerstone of the labour movement, and a right won through decades of bitter battles is the right to bargain freely and fairly. In fact, without it, unions would lose their essence and effectively be eliminated, which is exactly what the Conservatives want. Ford government’s trampling on this right is egregious, but the intrusion into the finer details of collective agreements is downright dangerous. This is what the erosion of

Urgent message from the OFL - TOMORROW - Picket line locations for CUPE-OSBCU strike on Friday, November 4

3 November, 2022 Urgent message from the Ontario Federation of Labour TOMORROW – Picket line locations for CUPE-OSBCU strike on Friday, November 4 The Ford government is pulling the plug on bargaining while it’s still underway and using Bill 28, to forcibly impose a contract on education workers. This is unacceptable and must be met with urgent and collective action. This attack goes beyond basic labour rights. It’s an attack