Political Action

Reconnecting: Peter Tabuns, ONDP Interim Leader Hosts Meeting with IAM

With the political landscape quickly changing and anti-worker politicians sweeping the polls, acting politically and strategically has never been so essential. Workers know all too well, that if we’re not at the table, we’re bound to end up on the menu. David Chartrand, General Vice President for Canada understands this and spared no time in meeting with the Ontario NDP’s interim leader, Peter Tabuns. “Mr. Tabuns understands that the NDP

Work shouldn’t hurt - Day of Mourning

Work shouldn’t hurt: workplace health and safety rights should be fundamental Canada’s unions are calling on the federal government to take swift action on workplace health and safety to ensure that workers in Canada are protected on the job. We are also calling on the ILO to make occupational health and safety a fundamental right. In Canada, over 1,000 workplace deaths are reported every year; hundreds of thousands more are

New deal for Canadian workers means a better future for all

22 March, 2022 Ottawa, ON – The IAM applauds the NDP in leveraging its power and entering a supply-and-confidence agreement with the Liberals. It’s encouraging to see political parties putting people above politics when so much is at stake for Canada. As we begin to rebuild our economy, a pragmatic approach to politics and an eye on passing progressive policies is exactly what Canadians need. “Under this arrangement, said David

Do the work, get the rate!

For decades employers have been using a legal loop hole to discriminate against workers by paying casual, part-time, seasonal and temporary workers less than full-time employees for the same work. This is possible because legislation meant to prevent this unfair practice has not yet been made into law based on a minor technicality. Three years ago, this legislation received Royal Assent, but a “date of effect” was never announced. Without

GVP Chartrand's letter to Minister Alghabra on Canadian Airports and Mandatory Vaccination Policies

16 September, 2021 By Email: Omar.Alghabra@parl.gc.ca Honorable Omar Alghabra Minister of Transportation House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0A6 Re: Canadian Airports – Mandatory Vaccination Policies Dear Honourable Minister Alghabra, The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) represent twenty two thousand workers in air transportation and aerospace in Canada. We represent a majority of workers at Canadian airports. I am writing you today asking your help with a troubling

CF-18 and CC-150 Polaris Replacement - Machinists Union demands guarantees from federal parties

Montreal – The IAMAW Machinists Union is reminding federal parties of the importance of replacing the Royal Canadian Air Force’s CF-18 and CC-150 Polaris aircraft in a way that generates benefits for Canada and contributes to the recovery of the aerospace sector. The impact of the pandemic was swift and crushing, and while a recovery is underway, key Canadian industries still need government support. “Since the next federal government will

Federal Elections 2021 - our duty as citizens

Brothers and sisters, On August 15th Justin Trudeau chose to run an election campaign despite the pandemic. Whether or not we agree with this decision does not change the fact that this election is critical to our future. As the saying goes, we may not want to deal with politics, but politics will deal with us. As citizens, we have an interest in choosing a candidate and a party with

Once Upon a Time in Chile (and Scotland)

Often, as a member of a trade union, we are asked, “What good does a union ever do?” Well, apart from better wages, better working conditions, vacations, and benefits – not much – well here is a wee story. On sept 11th 1973 the was a military coup in Chile. The country was overtaken by a military junta, who then proceeded to murder and torture people whom they considered subversive.

Stan Pickthall's letter in support of UNITE-HERE Local 261

May 14, 2021   Ms. Yolaine Charette, General Manager Sheraton Ottawa Hotel 150 Albert Street Ottawa, ON K1P 5G2   Dear Ms. Charette: The IAM represents 50,000 Union members in Canada, with almost half working in travel-related industries. We are today writing in solidarity with the UNITE-HERE Local 261 workers at Sheraton Ottawa Hotel. It is brought to our attention that the Sheraton Hotel – owned by Keck Seng Investments

Report from federal NDP Convention

IAM political action delegates from Local Lodges across Canada joined the nearly 400 other labour activists on the weekend at the federal NDP virtual Convention. Despite some minor technical difficulties, the Convention went well and some important policies were hammered out. “The IAM has been calling on the NDP to put increased focus on the labour issues facing workers across Canada. Workers have borne the brunt in this pandemic and