Federal Elections 2021 – our duty as citizens

Federal Elections 2021 - our duty as citizens

Brothers and sisters,

On August 15th Justin Trudeau chose to run an election campaign despite the pandemic.

Whether or not we agree with this decision does not change the fact that this election is critical to our future. As the saying goes, we may not want to deal with politics, but politics will deal with us.

As citizens, we have an interest in choosing a candidate and a party with whom we share values and whose commitments are targeted at promoting and defending our interests.

Let’s not let indifference and disinterest distort the outcome of the election.

We all have a role to play in this election and it must be more than just filling out a ballot. Between now and September 20th, let’s take our rightful place. Let’s take the time to discuss what we care about and what the different parties have to offer with our IAM brothers and sisters, family and friends.

Let’s not be afraid to share and express our ideas in a way that respects all people and democratic values. Let us not be afraid to invest ourselves in the candidate and the party that best represents us. This is how we will collectively move towards a better society.

We must not base our choice on a single issue.

There are many things we must consider before we can choose the right candidate or party. We are all directly or indirectly concerned with the rising cost of living, access to health care, building a fairer economy, access to affordable housing, climate change, as well as the respect of our rights as workers and citizens. This is why we must base our choice on a set of proposals.

During this campaign, we will offer you different tools that will allow us to inform, discuss and actively involve you in this election. To do so, I invite you to follow us on our different platforms and to contact your union representatives so that they can put you in contact with your political action committee.

In closing, let’s not forget that we are the workers of this country; that by our vote, we will define our future at work, that of our family and our community. Let’s do it with seriousness and respect.

In solidarity

David Chartrand,
IAMAW Canadian General Vice-President