IAM Local 2413 wins big in grievance settlement

IAM Local 2413 wins big in grievance settlement

On March 15th 2023, the Ottawa Airport Authority issued a press release indicating they were revoking Menzies licence to operate in a 30-day period. IAM District 140 General Chairperson (GC) Michael Corrado sprang into action to advocate for this group of bargaining unit members.

GC Corrado challenged the employer for not giving the group of more than 50 workers from IAM Local Lodge 2413 the required notice period specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The IAM further took the position that the employer contravened the Canada Labour Code.

Although the Ministry of Labour investigated and indicated the employer did not breach the Code, the union took the position that it still violated the CBA. An arbitration was ultimately held on May 28, 2024, which awarded 74 past bargaining unit members an $800 retiring allowance.

At the end of the day 74, past bargaining unit members will receive an additional $800 as a retirement allowance within the next 30 days. Although it was not the amount the union was seeking, 74 displaced IAM Members were victorious in their fight over “contract re-renderings”.

Had it not been for the language that the IAM negotiated into the CBA during the COVID-19 pandemic, these workers would have received nothing.

“Since some of our members were only employed for a few weeks, we are certain they will be happy to see several hundred dollars showing up in their accounts soon,” said Corrado. “This is the advantage of being unionized and having protective language in CBAs.”

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