IAM Local 692 at Compucom YVR gets milestone first collective agreement

IAM Local 692 at Compucom YVR gets milestone first collective agreement


Vancouver, BC – 29 August, 2023 – Having embarked on the transformative journey of joining the IAM in November 2022, 17 dedicated workers of Compucom realised their goal of a new collective agreement that aligns with their needs. The resounding endorsement of 100% ratification underscored the unity and commitment of the Compucom workers.

In the face of stagnant wages spanning three years and the presence of on-site contractors performing tasks previously undertaken by the Compucom workforce, the decision to seek representation from the International Association of Machinists (IAM) became a pivotal moment. Business Representative Al Cyr engaged with the Compucom team and oversaw the formal application process under the scope of the Canada Labour Relations Board.

A complication arose during the application process when the employer’s legal counsel felt the employees should be governed by the provincial Labour Code. Demonstrating adaptability and strategic foresight, Cyr quickly navigated this challenge by reinitiating the application process under the Provincial Code, effectively countering the employer’s argument. This shift in approach led to a well-defended application for certification.

In a triumph of collaboration and steadfastness, the workers’ efforts culminated in achieving their objectives of getting a collective agreement. The Desktop II classification, a cornerstone of Compucom’s workforce, saw a substantial wage increase of $3.25 per hour, with retroactive pay effective from July 30. Another notable victory was the relocation of on-site contractors, a goal realized within a mere two months. Further demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and stability, the union negotiated an offer of full-time employment to existing contractors, with the expectation that those who decline will honour their contract and then leave.

Cyr commended Steven Pitcher, a member of the bargaining committee, who demonstrated remarkable expertise in his knowledge of workplace issues and the concerns of his colleagues. His role in guiding the negotiation process is acknowledged and celebrated by the IAM.

The members are information technology (IT) employees that maintain the computer systems, the display boards, kiosk machines for check in for all airlines and the Vancouver International Airport.

For more information:

Al Cyr
Business Representative
IAM District 250
Email: acyr@iam250.org

Frank Saptel
IAM Canada Communications
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