IAM Members organise Living Wage Rally at Pearson Airport to promote a Living Wage

IAM Members organise Living Wage Rally at Pearson Airport to promote a Living Wage

Dan Janssen, General Chairperson with IAM District 140 organised a well-attended rally at Pearson Airport in Toronto on 01 May, 2024. Dan and other IAM members, members of other unions and non-union workers at the airport have been working tirelessly on this issue for many years.

Today’s rally was the largest in many years, partially due to COVID-19, but mostly due to the hardships faced by workers at airports and elsewhere in many parts of Canadian society.

Prominent speakers from the IAM, as well as the Canadian Labour Congress, the Ontario Federation of Labour, Toronto and York Region Labour Council, Peel Regional Labour Council all attended and spoke passionately about the issue and the difficulties families face in today’s world.

All spoke about the increasing profits being raked in by corporations and the desperate need to improve the wages, working conditions and benefits for all workers.

“International Workers Day is celebrated around the world. Airport workers at YYZ and across Canada work hard each and every day. Unfortunately, too many are earning minimum wage and working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Today’s rally was held to recognize that airport workers need Living Wages, not only to make sure that each and every worker and their families can survive, but that they can thrive,” said Janssen

Not far away, Michael Corrado, General Chairperson with IAM District 140, made a presentation on the Living Wage to the Annual General Meeting of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). Corrado and Janssen have both been active on the Living Wage issues for many years. (Click here to see the short video)

Dan Janssen, General Chairperson, IAM District 140 and rally organiser:

“Toronto Pearson Airport is essential to today’s economy, move people and goods into and out of Canada and the rest of the World. There is no reason why the Airport Authority and Employers cannot provide wages that adequately ensure workers have food, shelter and the necessities. Airport workers need Living Wages, and today we came together to make our voices heard loud and clear. Living Wages Now!”

David Chartrand, IAM Canadian General Vice-President:

“The focus here today is to demand that on every level, federal, provincial and municipal, we push to implement a Living Wage for all workers who earn less than $25.05 per hour. The IAM stands with workers and will continue to do so until we have achieved a Living Wage at all workplaces in Canada!” (Short video here)

Vick Seebalack, Presdident, IAM Local Lodge 2323:

“Toronto Airport workers deserve a proper Living Wage. They deserve enough money to have adequate shelter, food and other necessities fulfilled. The IAM is in this fight until we succeed.”

Dave Flowers, President and Directing General Chairperson:

“On this International Workers day, we bring the topic of living wage to the forefront here at Pearson Airport. A place that replicates a small city – over 50000 people work here. This is a place where most of its tenets are making money hand over fist and It’s a shame, that workers have to go to food banks. Through community support, strong bargaining and organizing, we will prevail.”

All photos from the rally are on our Flickr site