In a Minority Government – We can make a difference

In a Minority Government – We can make a difference

22 October, 2019

Last night’s election results confirmed that Canadians were not comfortable living with four more years of a Liberal majority government.

The results also confirmed a rejection of the Harper-inspired, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney Conservative-led policies of slashing public services, giving tax cuts to the wealthiest while lining the pockets of their corporate friends.

One of our own, Local Lodge 2323’s Dan Janssen ran a strong campaign in Barrie-Springwater-Oro–Medonte. Although he will not be going to Ottawa this time around, Dan worked hard to raise the profile of the NDP in an historically Conservative riding.

“I am thankful for all the hard-working IAM Activists across the country who took time out of their own busy schedules in order to campaign on behalf of progressive candidates,” said Stan Pickthall, IAM Canadian General Vice-President. “In a minority government over the coming years, there will be great opportunity for the NDP on behalf of progressives everywhere, to work on the policies and issues that will affect the coming generations of Canadians,” he concluded.

All across the country from Atlantic Canada to British Columbia, IAM political activists worked hard on campaigns. All campaigns were hard-fought, but some, unfortunately, did not turn out as we hoped. In Quebec, only Alexandre Boulerice remains, as do Niki Ashton and Daniel Blaikie in Manitoba, joining Alberta’s Heather McPherson and others in a minority government framework where the NDP will be a strong voice for change. Leah Gazan kept Winnipeg Centre for the NDP.

Tommy Douglas was the voice for change when the Federal NDP held the balance of power in Lester Pearson’s minority Liberal governments in the 1960s. It was during those years of minority government that some of our long sought-after dreams were introduced to working Canadians and their families, bringing universal Health Care, the Canada Pension Plan and other benefits.

In retrospect, it was no coincidence when Jagmeet Singh invoked Tommy Douglas’s name when the NDP platform was released in June with an emphasis on expanding health care, including universal pharmacare, dental care and other benefits such as eye, and hearing care.

Derek Ferguson, Special Representative assigned to Political Action added, “With the NDP holding the balance of power – we can make a difference in the lives of ordinary Canadians – we have a climate plan – we have an affordability plan. Let’s work together to make that difference – the difference we can all feel in our everyday lives!”

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Derek Ferguson, Special Representative, Political Action
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