Industry 4.0: The Future of Hospitality

Industry 4.0: The Future of Hospitality

The pandemic has halted tourism and related industries, placing pressures on businesses to not only adapt, but prepare for future pandemics. Contactless technologies are becoming essential in public spaces, and hotels are no exception.

Expansion of technologies that reduce contact and regulate physical distancing and overcrowding are not merely adaptations to current realities, they are essential to a recovery. But, the current state of global health is not the only driver of technology adoption, high turnover of staff, low wage, precarious work also play a part in how technology is adopted.

So, what is the future of hospitality? For one, the use of robots will expand, with robots performing more tasks, like cleaning, disinfecting, luggage transportation, security, room service and restaurant waiting. If you’ve recently called your cable company, bank, or any service for that matter, you’ve probably dealt with a chatbot.

These, too, are increasingly being used in hotels to assist with quick answers, although, they are programmable in several languages to cater to international travelers, and can perform fairly complex tasks. Although in its early stages, robots are being piloted in kitchens to either help with food preparation, or in some cases, cook simple dishes. As many duties become automated, the impact on the workforce is concerning, and the full implications are yet to be understood.

Personalized services are also becoming a business reality for the industry. On the horizon is increased use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), which will truly revolutionize the hotel experience. Virtual reality tools allow travelers to not just visit the hotel virtually before booking, but to also make it possible to personalize their hotel stay through smart technologies. These include windows that can simulate a preferred view and location, along with sounds, temperature and smell.

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