IAM fighting for members at Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ)

IAM fighting for members at Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ)

(The information below has been edited to accurately reflect the situation at Billy Bishop Airport.)

The IAM received notice this week that screening operations at Billy Bishop (YTZ) airport would be temporarily closing as of October 5, 2020. The closure was due to a stoppage in incoming and outbound flights that require pre-board screening from the airport – an effect of COVID-19 on the airline industry.

Billy Bishop airport remains open during this time to service Ornge medevac service, general aviation and operators such as FlyGTA, Cameron Air and Helitours.

The IAM represents 120 pre-board screeners that work at Billy Bishop Airport and, when notified of the closure, worked with their employer, Garda, to protect the employment of those screening officers. “Our screening officers from Billy Bishop Airport will be transferred to Toronto Pearson Airport and their conditions of employment will remain the same. We are calling on the government to provide aid to the airline industry as soon as possible as the industry is a key economic driver of the Canadian economy”, said Stan Pickthall, IAM General Vice-President.

The airline industry in Canada has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the IAM is fighting hard to preserve jobs.

The IAM is the largest union in air transportation in Canada.