LL412 Members at AstenJohnson Secure Mid-Contract Savings and Wage Increases

LL412 Members at AstenJohnson Secure Mid-Contract Savings and Wage Increases

[Kanata, ON] In a move to address the escalating costs of living, shop stewards and union leadership at IAM Local Lodge 412 (LL412) initiated discussions with the employer in July 2022. Faced with significant increases in living expenses, the decision was made to proactively approach the company mid-contract to seek necessary adjustments.

Following extensive consultations with shop stewards, a comprehensive proposal was developed, focusing on wage and benefit increases. This proposal was formally presented to the company in September 2023, reflecting the collective efforts of the LL412 team.

In response, the company demonstrated a commitment to supporting its workforce by expressing a willingness to hire new employees and retain skilled members. The union was tasked with exploring cost-saving measures in Long-Term Disability (LTD) premiums, which had exceeded $200 per month, rendering them financially burdensome for members.

Obtaining quotes from multiple insurance companies, the union successfully negotiated a new rate, which resulted in substantial monthly savings of just over $100 per member on LTD premiums, without compromising any benefits.

True to their commitment, the company delivered a 2% wage increase. This increment is in addition to the previously negotiated 2% contract wages for the current year. Additionally, LL412 members secured a 80¢ Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) over the last 2 years.

Looking ahead, the union has already initiated discussions on pension increases, underscoring their ongoing commitment to enhancing the welfare of their members.

Expressing gratitude for the collaborative efforts that led to these favorable changes, The union acknowledges the collaboration and steadfast support of past and current shop steward committees, including President Shane Woito, Perry Cooper, Lewis Hanna, Bill Dixon, Norm Ransome, Phil Poole, and Melissa Tasse. Special recognition is extended to Gary Hynes for his guidance and mentorship in the relentless pursuit of member welfare and workplace improvement.

AstenJohnson is a manufacturer of dryer fabrics for the pulp and paper industry

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