Ontario Elections and the way forward

Ontario Elections and the way forward

The work of a labour activist is never easy. The June 2nd election results in Ontario proved that point again.

The IAM in Canada wishes to thank all our political activists who gave up their time to knock on doors, make phone calls, and work in the campaign offices of NDP candidates throughout our province who put in their time during this election. Your help and your passion made a difference.

While the Conservatives won another majority government, despite the low voter turnout, we have to congratulate the candidates who won. The polls were projecting the NDP were in danger of losing most of their seats but they proved the critics wrong. Yes, we lost a few seats but we are still the Official Opposition to Doug Ford and the Conservatives.

Andrea Horwath, who led the NDP through four elections, has decided to step down as leader. We should all thank her for her long service and her dedication to workers’ issues.

We will be counting on all of you to help keep the Conservative focused on our issues and those of the communities we live in. There can be no other way.

We will continue to push for a workers first agenda, and we will work with the future leadership on issues important to IAM members, and workers in general.

Thank you again for all your hard work lets keep up the pressure to maintain our rights, as well of those who don’t have a voice. The next steps will be keep our agenda of workers rights on the front burner.

In solidarity

Derek Ferguson, GLR for Political Action
IAM Canada