OPCM Convention resumes with a bang after three long years

OPCM Convention resumes with a bang after three long years

The Ontario Provincial Council of Machinists (OPCM) convened over the weekend for the first time in more than 3 years, all due to the pandemic. In addition to talking about organising, mentorship, and political action, a new executive was chosen to serve for the following three years. It was their 59th Annual Convention.

The conference attendees were a reflection of the IAM in Ontario’s expanding diversity. There were more women and members of colour that ever before, reflecting the incredible diversity of our members.

In addition, a record number of first-time delegates attended, in part because District 78 took numerous inclusive measures. The event, which took place in Ajax, Ontario, and was hosted by IAM Local 905, drew close to one hundred people.

There were many presentations, including one by IAM Canada General Vice-President David Chartrand, who spoke of servicing the members, organising and many new initiatives being promoted by the IAM across North America.

New delegates to the OPCM

David Chartrand swears-in the new Executive Board of the OPCM

To see photos of the OPCM, please visit our Flickr album of the event: