Rallying for Affordable Housing

Rallying for Affordable Housing

“Each year on November 22, the City of Toronto observes National Housing Day to recognize the vital work done by housing partners, including providers, across Canada to improve access to safe, adequate and affordable housing for everyone.” (City of Toronto website.)

Delegates OFL’s 17th Biennial Convention rallied in the streets of Toronto’s Financial District and marched in support of affordable housing, rent control and fair wages to reinforce the convention theme of “Enough is Enough”.

Speaker after speaker emphasised the need for affordable housing and against the for-profit motives of housing. Despite the United Nations and the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s statements on housing as a basic human right, demonstrators were well aware that it is not the reality in Canada, Ontario and Toronto.

Led by Ahmad Gaied, the recently re-elected Secretary-Treasurer of the OFL, the rally proceeded from the Sheraton Hotel to Old Toronto City Hall. New OFL President Laura Walton and Chiara Padovani, co-Chair of the York Weston Tenant Union addressed attendees with passionate words and calls to action.

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