Welcome back – 65 workers from PLA rejoin the IAM

Welcome back – 65 workers from PLA rejoin the IAM

05 November, 2019
For Immediate Release

Toronto, ON – “Welcome back to the IAM!” That’s the message to the 65 workers at Priority Lane Management (PLA) from Talwinder Rayat, General Chairperson for IAM District 140.

The former IAM members were forced into another union due to the infamous “contract flip” which took place some years ago. Contract-flipping is what happens when one company underbids for a servicing contract at Pearson and other airports. This causes workers to mostly lose their gains under their union contract as soon as they transfer over to another company. The IAM opposes contract-flipping due to the inherent unfairness to the workers involved.

Rayat continued, “The workers signed membership cards and very quickly got to a majority. The owner, after seeing the desire to return to the IAM, agreed to a voluntary certification. We are pleased that these 65 workers will once again be represented by the IAM.”

Members at PLA welcome “priority” passengers and scan their boarding passes as they go through the priority lanes at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. The IAM is the largest union in the Canadian air transport sector.

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Talwinder Rayat