CATSA Interferes in Sub-Contractor Labour Relations – Directs Removal of 34 Workers at Victoria International Airport Without Due Process

CATSA Interferes in Sub-Contractor Labour Relations – Directs Removal of 34 Workers at Victoria International Airport Without Due Process


Victoria, BC – [14 February, 2024]

CATSA, a Crown corporation responsible for securing elements of the air transportation system, including passenger and baggage screening, oversees third-party contractors supplying screening services at airports nationwide. The pre-board screening in British Columbia is subcontracted to Allied Universal Security Services (AUS).

On February 6 and 7, 2024, twenty-seven IAMAW Pre-Board Screening Officers at the Victoria International Airport, along with nine salaried employees were terminated by the third-party screening contractor – Allied Universal Security Services (AUS) following a directive from CATSA to remove the employees from the workplace.

The sub-contractor intended to return the affected employees to work with a corrective action plan which included training, after determining that their conduct, while it deviated from the Standard Operating Procedures, did not give rise to grounds for termination.

Despite the subcontractor’s intention to return the affected employees with a corrective action plan, CATSA intervened in the decision-making process, directing the immediate removal of all twenty-seven (27) Screening Officers and nine (9) salaried employees without conducting its own investigation.

Tania Canniff, IAMAW District Lodge 140 General Chairperson, expressed deep concern over the lack of procedural fairness, stating, “Twenty-seven families have lost their ability to earn a living without an appeal, and that is shameful. We need immediate intervention! We need the Transport Ministers office to intervene; reverse CATSA’s course of action and allow for the subcontractor to manage their employees accordingly. This would restore due process and allow our members to feel secure in their jobs.

“In the present circumstance, the lack of procedural fairness is appalling and may lead to a dangerous precedent in future matters governed by the Collective Agreement and legislation,” continued Canniff.

“The ability to appeal is a cornerstone of the labour movement. CATSA has been operating as ‘the man behind the curtain’ for far too long. As a Crown Corporation, CATSA, cannot be allowed without recourse to override labour relation matters with their sub-contractors.” said a frustrated David Chartrand, IAM General Vice-President.

Continued Chartrand, “Our members deserve better and the people of this country deserve better. We need immediate intervention from this government.”

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) represents the largest number of workers at Canadian airports.