Conservatives (again) show they are against workers!

Conservatives (again) show they are against workers!

On 18 March, 2024, the hopes of Manitoba’s workers were once again crushed by the political maneuverings of the Progressive Conservatives.

The IAM and Manitoba’s Labour movement rallied together to proudly support the much-anticipated Manitoba NDP Government’s Anti-Scab and Single Step Certification legislation.

“However, the PCs have once again chosen to prioritize political gamesmanship over the well-being of the working class. They opted to filibuster the day and effectively quash any chance of these crucial bills being presented today,” said Bernie Wood, IAM Special Representative in Manitoba. “This disappointing turn of events only serves to underscore the disregard the PCs have for the needs and rights of Manitobans’ workers, perpetuating their cycle of disappointment.”

“We are so proud that IAM members went to the Legislature and supported the introduction of the Bill,” said David Chartrand, IAM Canadian General Vice-President.

“While we have reason to celebrate yesterday’s historic announcement from the Manitoba government to ensure worker’s rights are protected and supported in Manitoba, the Conservatives have shown us time and time again that they don’t want workers to have the protections they need, especially in labour disputes and that’s why the legislation failed.” Said Chartrand.

By Bernie Wood
Special Representative, IAM Canada

PHOTO 1: Bernie Wood (IAM Special Representative), Jefferey Yumang (LL714 ST), Maria Bulaong (ST LL1953), Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew, and Kevin Brown (LL1953 President)

PHOTO 2: Jefferey Yumang (LL714 ST), Kevin Brown (LL1953 President), Maria Bulaong (ST LL1953), and IAM Special Representative, Bernie Wood (IAM Special Representative)