August 2021

IAM Canada receives United Way award again

On 19 August, 2021, the IAM in Canada was the recipient of the United Way’s Thanks a Million award. The award goes to those labour organisations whose members helped to raise more than $1 million in support of Untied Ways Centraide’s work in local communities. The labour movement in Canada and the United Way share a common vision of “building a society which provides a wide range of social and

Teamwork helps Fighting Machinists finalize agreement with Toronto GardaWorld Screeners

For immediate release 26 August, 2021 Toronto, ON – This week, the IAM received the arbitrated settlement to finalize the year-long negotiations with GardaWorld for pre-board screeners at Toronto Pearson (YYZ) and Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ) “When we started out negotiations, it was at the height of the pandemic, prior to vaccinations being readily available and with the industry in turmoil,” said Keith Aiken, IAM Air Transportation Coordinator for Canada.

Federal Elections 2021 - our duty as citizens

Brothers and sisters, On August 15th Justin Trudeau chose to run an election campaign despite the pandemic. Whether or not we agree with this decision does not change the fact that this election is critical to our future. As the saying goes, we may not want to deal with politics, but politics will deal with us. As citizens, we have an interest in choosing a candidate and a party with

Please sign the petition to support Cascade Containerboard workers!

More than 100 workers voted to join the Machinists Union in April 2019 and have tried to bargain for a fair contract for more than two years at Cascades Containerboard in Niagara Falls, New York. In that time, workers have faced an aggressive anti-union campaign put on by your company which has permanently sub-contracted their work, resulting in layoffs and drastically reducing their annual bonus by 20 percent. What kind of

IAM Canada response to mandatory vaccinations

Over the last few days, a debate over mandatory vaccinations erupted following the federal government’s announcement regarding mandatory vaccinations. The government’s lack of direction and clarity has caused uncertainty and confusion, particularly, when it comes to workplace implications. This is shameful, and the IAMAW sharply condemns the politicization of this issue. In days following the announcement, many employers followed suit, raising questions among IAMAW members about their rights should their

Once Upon a Time in Chile (and Scotland)

Often, as a member of a trade union, we are asked, “What good does a union ever do?” Well, apart from better wages, better working conditions, vacations, and benefits – not much – well here is a wee story. On sept 11th 1973 the was a military coup in Chile. The country was overtaken by a military junta, who then proceeded to murder and torture people whom they considered subversive.

156 Howmet Canada workers join IAMAW

Specializing in the manufacture of aluminum castings for the aerospace industry, workers at Howmet Canada (Laval) joined the IAMAW to gain respect in the workplace and to be able to count on the expertise of the world’s largest union in the aerospace sector. “Over the course of our discussions with the workers, we were able to build a relationship of trust and demonstrate our professionalism,” said Alessandro Bernardelli, Responsible for

International Youth Day : A New Social Contract building recovery and resilience with young people

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, young people have seen their income, work, education, training and work-based learning, mental health and well-being severely affected by the socio-economic consequences of the crisis. Globally, millions of young workers, in particular young women, have lost jobs and income as they are heavily concentrated in sectors and occupations – such as retail, hospitality, leisure, and tourism – that have been the hardest hit

First Contract a winner for new members at Comox Valley Toyota

For immediate release 10 August, 2021 Comox Valley, BC – The newest members of IAM Local 456 ratified their first agreement on August 9, 2021. The 17 workers at the local auto dealership had voted overwhelmingly to join and the IAM was certified to represent them on 02 March, 2021. They rejected their first Memorandum of Agreement on July 13 by 100% as it contained no provision for a pension

CLC - Labour Day Materials

To: Members of the CLC Canadian Council, Federations of Labour, Labour Councils and CLC Staff Friends and Allies: I am pleased to unveil the branding for the CLC’s Labour Day campaign, Workers Are The Recovery, and to share the first phase of materials for use by affiliated unions, labour councils, and provincial and territorial federations of labour. We invite you to use these materials and customize them as you see fit,